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Picture of 2013 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Case

2013 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Case

8 Boxes per case, 12 packs per box, 32 cards per pack
Manufacturer: Bowman
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2013 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Case

Look for Three Autograph Cards Per Box!!

Bowman continues to feature Chrome and Base Prospect and Rookie cards, along with unique autographs, relics, and inserts.

This year is the 65th anniversary of Bowman, and Topps will celebrate throughout the season with a Blue Sapphire Refractor program.

Key Rookie Cards: Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy, Jurickson Profar, Shelby Miller, Mike Olt, Avisail Garcia, Adam Eaton, Jake Odorizzi, Tyler Skaggs, Casey Kelly, Trevor Rosenthal, L.J. Hoes, Darin Ruf, Brock Holt.


Bowman's Top 100 Prospects:

Bowman ranks the top 100 prospects with help from the Bowman Scouts. NEW!

Die-Cut Refractor Parallel:sequentially numbered to 99

Autographed Die-Cut X-fractor Parallel:X-fractor version sequentially numbered to 24

Autographed Die-Cut Atomic Refractor:Patterned Refractor version numbered 1/1. Hobby Only

Chrome Refractor Mini cards: "Cream of the Crop"

Chrome Refractor Mini cards highlight the top 5 prospects in each farm system. (150 Subjects)

Blue Parallel:Sequentially numbered to 250

Red Parallel:Sequentially numbered to 5. Hobby Only

Superfractor Parallel:Sequentially numbered 1/1. Hobby Only

Continuity Programs:

Blue Sapphire Refractor Program:

To celebrate Bowman's 65th anniversary, Bowman will launch a continuity program that features some of the top players of all time, as they were first featured in Bowman on reprints of their 1st Bowman Card. NEW!

The Bowman Black Collection:(25 Subjects)

Bowman Black is back! Subjects sign black paper cards with a silver pen. Cards will be numbered to 25. Hobby Only!

Dual Franchise Refractor Autographs:

Autographed Dual Refractor cards featuring 2 top prospects. #'d to 25 or less

Futures Game Relics:

Jersey relic cards from the 2012 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, #'d to 25.

Ultimate Prospect Autograph card:

Featuring up to 25 prospects on one card! #'d to 5. Hobby Only

AFLAC/Perfect Game High School All-American & Under Armour All-American Game Autographs.  Hobby Only

Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Cards:

Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 500. Blue Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 250. Gold Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 50. Orange Wave Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 25. Red Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 5. uper Fractor version: Sequentially numbered 1/1. Printing Plates:Numbered 1/1. Jumbo Box Only


State & Home Town Parallel Gold-Bordered Blue-Bordered: numbered to 500. Orange-Bordered: numbered to 250. Red-Bordered: numbered 1/1. Hobby Only Silver Ice Parallel:1 per box; 2 per Jumbo box.

* Red Ice #'d to 25 Hobby Only * Purple Ice #'d 10 Hobby Only * White Ice #'d to 1 Hobby Only


MLB prospects. These will be numbered BP1 - BP110.

State & Home Town Parallel Blue-Bordered: numbered to 500. Orange-Bordered: numbered to 250. Red-Bordered: numbered 1/1. Hobby Only Red Ice #'d to 25 Hobby Only Purple Ice #'d to 10 Hobby Only White Ice#'d to 1 Hobby Only


Bowman Chrome Prospects:

Subjects from the prospects insert will have Bowman Chrome versions.

Refractor Parallel: #'d to 500. Blue Refractor Parallel: #'d to 250. Gold Refractor Parallel: #'d to 50. Orange Refractor Parallel: #'d to 25. Red Refractor Parallel: #'d to 5. Hobby Only Super Fractor Parallel:#'d to 1/1. Hobby Only

Autographed Bowman Chrome Prospects:

Autographs of MLB prospects. Cards will have the following parallels. Hobby Only

Refractor: #'d to 500 Blue: #'d to 150 Gold: #'d to 50 Orange: #'d to 25 Purple: #'d to 10. JUMBO BOX Only Red: #'d to 5 Super: #'d to 1 Printing Plates#'d to 1. JUMBO BOX Only

Oversized 1948 Autographed Bowman cards:Inserted as B ox loaders #'d to 20.

Bowman Golden Debut Contract returns!

- Each Contract recipient gets an autographed baseball from a top prospect - Grand Prize winner gets a card in 2014 Bowman release

Lucky 5 Redemption Program:

Five different limited redemption cards good for a special bouns card.

8 Boxes Per Case, 12 Packs Per Box, 32 Cards Per Pack